Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sorry for so much distance

I know lately I haven't posted much but over the past few weeks to almost a month a lot has come up with our sons health and we as a family have been trying hard to spend as much time together as we can and also trying to figure out our next steps with his health and other things as well.

I thought taking time away from blogging was my best option, boy was I wrong. I feel so much better blogging whether it be about random things, my fitness journey and gluten free everything rather than sitting here with all my thoughts and feelings building up inside.

I am excited to say that with everything going on the hubby and I are getting away a little bit this weekend and going to Okoboji, Iowa. Its about a 3 hour trip for us and we aren't taking the kids. This was hard for us to really think about doing since it not only lands on fathers day weekend but with news we go this week it will be really hard to leave our son but we really do need time away. It will be a glorious time away to see my best friend get married! I am so excited and of course my awesome husband agrees we need time away. THANK GOODNESS!!

This weekend will be a weekend FULL of post!!!! I can't wait!! PICTURES TO COME FOR SURE!!!
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