Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Faith In Mysterious Ways!

This is what I was able to experience on Friday being in the hospital with my son. I  was hoping to have done it before now but of course life gets in the way sometimes.  :)

Friday May 30, 2014

   The Lord works in mysterious ways. Today he came about in a way that I would have never expected, in the form of a seven year old little girl who had complete faith. You could tell nothing was going to shake her faith in any way. It was truly refreshing to see. She was a complete blessing in disguise.

   Earlier this morning as I was sitting in the hospital room with my little guy awaiting for it to be time for his MRI. A little girl in the room next to me I could hear her saying, "Can I watch frozen? please please can I watch frozen before surgery?". Unfortunately her parents had to tell her that they had the movie but that the dvd portion on the tv wasnt working . As soon as I heard her say, "I just want to sing LET IT GO" It instantly reminded me of my daughter KT and how much she loves the movie as well and how with every word and song of the movie she can tell you them all. It just brought a smile to my face. Why just yesterday I got a text message from my mother in law saying, " we went to kmart and got the movie for our house. When I put it in kt started singing let it go and do all the hand movements with it. It was a kick to see her so into it" When I told my husband what his mom said he said, " Yup thats our girl! Shes a frozen fanatic!"

   A few moments later I saw the little girl come out of her room and peek around the corner. She wasn't doing any harm by any means. Just curious to see what was going on is just like we all do at some point. I asked her if her mommy and daddy were in there and if I could talk to them. She said yes and her parents came to the doorway. I told them that our tv and dvd player were working just fine and if they liked they were more than welcome to come into our room and we could all watch the movie. They were so grateful and after we cleared it with the nurse we started the movie in our room.

   Not long after we started the movie the doctor came to the room and asked if he could speak with me. I obliged and went into the hallway with him to speak to him. He gave me options and choices of which I didn't know what to do or say other than have a few tears come down my face.

   When I went back into the room the little girl noticed that I was upset and she grabbed my hand and asked if she could pray with me. I was at a loss for words. Never would I have thought that this little girl would have asked me that and meant every word of it. I could tell her parents were worried I would be offended but when I told the little girl I would love it if she would her parents smiled. The little girl then lead the pray asking God to bless wyatt, myself, our little family, her parents and herself last. It was something I had never experience before but it was truly eye opening.

   Right before wyatt had to go back she asked if she could take a picture with us to put into her bible. I told her we would love that. We took a picture and she promised that she would pray for us everyday. I was so excited to hear that that she made my faith even more vibrant than it was.

   She was so inspiring and the Lord sure knew when and where I really needed that boost of faith in my life and by bringing her into our lives it was apparent that I just needed to remember that The Lord does work in mysterious ways and he has a plan for us and everything in it WE JUST NEED TO HAVE FAITH!!!

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