Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Crazy Weekend!

Well as much as I wanted to be able to blog this weekend that wasn't working in my favor. We had TERRIBLE storms that made keeping a wifi connection literally impossible!!!

BUT!!!!! Even with the storms it was an amazing time getting away with the hubby for a night. The wedding was beautiful, dancing my behind off was the best workout i've had in a long time!

While being there the hubby got sick so didn't get to stay for much of the reception but he insisted i stay and enjoy the night with good friends. So I was still checking on him every half hour but it was nice to spend time with great friends I don't get to see much!

A few pictures from this weekend that meant so much to me to be able to get away knowing that the kids were in great hands! Now to get back to reality and the craziness with my sons health.

Road trip to Okoboji!!!

Right before dinner!!

Myself and the amazing couple! I love my best friend and he amazing husband so much!!!

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