Monday, July 7, 2014

A New Light On A Never Ending Journey

   This past week Nick, Wyatt, my mother in law Teresa and I took a day trip to Iowa City. We wished we could say it was for pure fun but of course that wasn't the case.

   We decided to take the trip in hopes that we would find a new neurologist for our son Wyatt who would truly put his best interest at heart. We got there early and we were blown away by the doctor!

   He specializes in Epilepsy and when he reviewed Wyatt's case before we ever got there was eager to help him and us get Wyatt to a better place.

   Before now we had been adamant that we really didn't want Wyatt on a ton of medicines. He was able to change our perspective of medicines and how in conditions like wyatt's it could be necessary to be on several and change between them all multiple times. I would have never thought I would be a person who would want to push meds through my child but in Wyatt's case I know now what is the best things to do are and we are taking those steps to make his life more manageable.

   In just a short time we will be heading back to Iowa City for a week stay for him to start the ketogenic diet. It may be a long time away from home and our daughter (still not sure how that is going to work) but with starting that and a new medicine added to his daily schedule we should be a good start to see how well we can get wyatt's seizures managed.

   Daddy was so proud of his little guy that they had to take a picture with superhero herky! Wyatt is always our little super hero!
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