Thursday, May 29, 2014

Things not fitting!! UGH!!!

   SO of course by the title of this post you have realized that some things just aren't fitting! NOT talking about clothes. I just hit some amazing deals for some cute finds so that really isn't the problem.

   I'm talking about other things..... People, things in the house, and what sucks the most the ring I wear for my wedding ring!
   Yes that's right I said the ring I wear for my wedding ring. We live on one income with a new house (well two years old :) to us) and we are supporting two kids. We live pay check to pay check. I know my amazing husband loves me and if he could he would buy me an amazing diamond ring but we have priorities. Food, housing and making sure our kids are happy and healthy are top to us! Buying me a wedding ring is not on that list. Yes I did buy him the one he really wanted and worked my butt off in my Lou Who Designs home business to do so. BUT he works hard constantly for us and totally deserves it!!!!!!  So when the time comes I'll get a ring but until then I'll wear one that I can get for $20.00. Well Nick usually has some say in it all. :) I was wearing my mom's ring for a long time but unfortunately it can't be re sized without messing up the setting and it's way to big! Basically Nick says I just need to get something else until my current set fits again.

   Things in the house..... I have done this so much since we moved in but I thought it was time again. I went through EVERYTHING!!!! Every piece of clothing, everything in the kitchen, basement, shed, the kids rooms, EVERYTHING!!!!! I'm tired of things that we don't need and don't use and still being here. There is no reason for that! New season time to clean house. My poor husband doesn't know what has gotten into me. Last week I got rid of 26 bags full of crap. And this week I have another 13! Obviously this was long over due. As I look at my house now though I realized that NOW our house is really starting to become our home and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with my husband and kids HERE!

   People.... Now this one is a little more tricky than most would think. Over the years people have come and gone but of course those who truly love and care about you will stick around. I in no way have any issues with anyone but I've just had to take a step back and look at how I'm living my life and kinda push those people who are either toxic or just not in or around the same period in life as me out. I hate to say it like that but we all grow at different times. It's not to be mean to anyone but heck I've even chosen to exclude family from events in our lives and figure they can find out through other sources. NOW I know that sounded mean but when people aren't there or seem concerned at any time other than whats convenient for them it seems like  you really shouldn't put all your effort either into the relationship. BUT there is also those relationships that just need a little boost on both parties. This can be a little challenging but IF both parties are willing to do it than the relationship is one that will work and stand the test of time! This works for friends AND family!

   Spring and Summer is a time to refresh, renew, and really live! This summer will be a little hard for us with my grandfathers memorial at the end of June, and Nick trying to pick up hours where he can and of course the oh so much fun doctors appointments for my son, but our summer will still be amazing. AND with praying and hoping ALL THINGS WILL FIT by the end of the summer :)
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