Thursday, August 14, 2014

13 weeks and so much more!

   This past Sunday I was officially 13 weeks. I had my blog post all ready besides the pictures my amazing husband takes every week. I wanted to make sure I was ready so I could post it in the early part of the day. That was a day that I will forever remember. 

   We had been taking shifts being up since our son had just had surgery a few days before and we were trying to help him stay on top of the pain. As my awesome husband was resting since he had been such a great guy and taking the overnight shift I started to not feel well. I initially thought well I must still be tired. Which I was but something still didn't seem right. I started to have incredibly bad cramps. The moment I was able to move I quickly ran to the bathroom being scared I was bleeding and having a miscarriage. 

   This pregnancy has been scary for me for the first trimester because of my tubes being tied and not knowing if the baby would make it until now. Which in itself is scary but I knew if I was having a miscarriage at this particular time I would have no choice but to go to the hospital alone and face every fear I've ever had alone. I knew Wyatt wasn't able to go and it's not like he could stay by himself and that poor hubby of mine wouldn't be able to take me on barely 3 hours of sleep. 

   Luckily the cramps stopped after a few hours and still no bleeding. I thought I was in the clear. But they kept coming back. They got even worse after I had to carry both my son and his wheelchair down 6 flights of stairs just to get him to an appointment because the elevators are shut down completely. After several calls with the doctors office we opted that if I was still not bleeding and the cramps weren't constant that I would wait until the appointment I had scheduled for Thursday (today).  

   Nick and I were prepared if something wasn't right he would get off right away and we would do whatever we had to if I had actually had a miscarriage just without the bleeding. 

   I went in for my appointment and the doctor and I said a little prayer and we did the ultrasound. We could clearly see the baby was still there but we wanted to make sure so we listen to the heartbeat and it was 149! We were so excited and so happy!  She measured everything and the baby is doing GREAT!!! I was beyond excited that I started crying. All tears of JOY!!!

   When I asked about the cramps we figured it had been my diet since I had had such issues with nausea and vomiting for a few weeks and was finally able to eat more things she thought it was now starting to well in better terms "bind me up" Oh the joys of pregnancy. She also thought I could be dehydrated some since I had been trying to catch up on sleep so much. She said she wouldn't worry much about it unless I start to have them constantly or start to bleed but my chances of miscarriage now are slim to none. Which is GREAT!!! 

   She took many pictures for us to enjoy. She was also pretty sure she knew the sex but we are waiting until next month when daddy can be there too to find out for sure! 

  So now that all my tears and fears are put to rest it's time for the FUN STUFF!!!!

I wrote the main portion of this on Sunday morning I have added some new details from the week where there were some :)

How far along? 13 weeks ..... As of today 13 weeks 5 days

Total weight gain: No new weight gain but hopefully I will at least be back up to where I was a month ago before my appointment on Thursday. ...... Today I was 151.8 So not gaining back the weight like I had had but I will get there now that the morning sickness is gone :

Maternity clothes? My daily wardrobe :) that and sweat pants. Now if I could just find some more cute shirts that I could wear I'd be even happier. 

Stretch marks? Nothing new. But i fear that could change soon as my belly seems to be getting bigger quicker. 

Sleep: Oh how I miss it :(

Best moment this week:Sleeping in my own bed after being in the hospital with my son. ... as of today knowing our little one is okay!

Miss anything?Sleep

Movement: Not sure. I know how dumb that sounds but while in the hospital with my son this past week I was standing there and the nurse could see my stomach moving and she could tell it wasn't my breathing. She said you're about half way done aren't you (referring to being around 20 weeks). When I said no I'm 12 weeks her immidate response was with one? So not only have i seen my stomach move and felt what i was sure were flutters the nurse did too. So thursday is going to be a complete re measurement of the baby and to make sure there is only ONE in there :)..... We made sure there is only ONE baby!!! and boy was that baby moving today!

Food cravings: Sweet things, BACON!!! and still pickles :)

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing really other than I still can't eat chicken. But other than that just about everything sounds amazing! 

Gender: Not sure yet. But within a few weeks we should know YAY! we're getting more excited!! :)... September 11th we should know for sure!!!! :)

Labor signs: Nope.

Symptoms: Fatigue! I'm constantly tired no matter how much sleep I get I just feel like I need more. When nap time/quiet time comes for my kids it's also mommy's nap time :).. Now starting to get the dreaded constipation :( Oh joys!

Belly button in or out? In but it sure is getting to be a much smaller hole.

Wedding rings on or off? My actual wedding band is off but I have gotten a cheap replacement band to wear for now. 

Happy or moody most of the time: Moody. There is just no shaking it!

Looking forward to: My doctor's appointment on Thursday so I can see our little peanut and just how much he or she has grown!...... Now looking forward to a relaxing few days with the hubby and the kids :)

Now I also did something fun today! I added fabric to diaper boxes given to us to add for storage on the changing table and I think it turned out AMAZING!!! I'm so glad that we choose this option versus spending 60.00 for cloth bins that would only hold half of what these boxes will hold!  FYI the bottom middle box wasn't pushed all the way back because I hadn't known KT had placed baby on the bottom shelf. Whoops. I guess I'm a better mommy than I am grandmommy :)

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