Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Baby Furniture Re-Done!

   After 2 kids and just buying furniture that matches for them we wanted to go a CHEAPER route and a more custom look for our new little one on the way. We already had a crib and changing table but we really need to re do them and make them look nicer. We also needed to figure out where we were going to store all the little ones clothes. 

   Now when we bought our home it was a perfect size for the family we had at time 2 years ago. So we didn't actually have a specific bedroom we could re-do for this little one but since our basement is basically fully finished (minus where our pantry stuff is) we have the room to do a make shift nursery and then convert it into a room later on for the little one. 

   It took me about 2 weeks to get everything done and ready but now things are really coming together. Thank goodness too because school is about to start and I know my free time is going to get few and far between with running Kt to and from school and other activities and Wj to and from appointments and hospital stays. 

   Below are the pictures of the finished products! We used white, yellow as an accent and multiple colors of grey! 
I can't wait to order the yellow cover to go over the changing table pad! It will give it that pop of yellow we are adding to things but still be comfortable and soft for baby! We are also going to order 3 grey and 3 yellow cloth bins to help us organize the cloth diapers and other baby essentials that we are going to need. When we have those we will post an updated picture of how it looks. We also haven't decided if we are going to find a place in the upstairs for the changing table or if we are going to keep it downstairs and just have the essentials upstairs as well since for the first few months Baby Goodsell #3 will be sleeping in our room. 

For the crib we painted it all grey. We are going to add sheets that are white with grey accents like dots and chevron and then I am custom making a bed skirt for the crib that is yellow. I haven't decided if it will be all yellow or if it will be accented with a design in white. I look forward to figuring that out and sharing with you all!!

For a closet area we knew we weren't going to have much space so we decided to take a computer desk we were given by a friend and convert it into a small closet with a lot of storage options! We painted the majority of it grey with white shelves and a yellow accented rod for the clothes to hang on. (We hung up a few white onesies we picked up for free to show a little more) We then went to Target and in their dollar section we found a white and a grey plastic bin that we could add as storage on the top shelf for like socks and the smaller odds and ends that we will need for the baby. We then took a plastic three drawer unit (like you can get at Walmart or Target) and we mod podged striped paper on the inside of each drawer to give it more of a custom look and so that way what was in the drawers wasn't visible to the naked eye. We are excited to find out what Baby Goodsell #3 is so we can start to fill this closet area up with all the clothes and fun things to dress the little one in! 
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