Thursday, May 15, 2014

Parental Doubt

   As parents we doubt ourselves from time to time on how we are doing raising our kids. It's these times that we think about every time we yelled, every time we said no, and every time they said i'm mad at you and walked away.

   We second guess ourselves constantly not because our choices are wrong but because we are wondering if there is any other possible outcome that could make things easier or people happier.

   After sitting in an almost 5 hour long appointment with my son yesterday to talk with a multitude of doctors to try and help our son I had plenty of time to do all of this.

   I thought of everything that has happened over the past almost 2 1/2 years and re- thought every decision my husband and I have ever made regarding him and tried to think of other outcomes that could have happened. Right then is when I started to realize we as parents can't live thinking what if. We need to live realizing our kids love us no matter what we tell them no on, no matter if we yelled at them or not, and even if they say they are mad THEY LOVE US!

   We have two children a 4 year old vibrant, energetic, outgoing daughter KT and a 2 year old son who has epilepsy, west syndrome, mental and physical delays, has a feeding tube and is transported by wheel chair.

   These two are by far exact OPPOSITES! So parenting is quite different but even with that being said I can't keep thinking about the what if's with how we have parented them. They are turning out to be amazing kids and truly the main things we need to do is make sure they are happy, as healthy as we as parent's can help them to be, and enjoy life. All else will fall into place when it is time!

Below is a picture of our little ones from this past Halloween. They had a great time and no matter what life throws our way we love every minute we get to spend with them!!
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