Thursday, May 8, 2014

Re- Vamp of an Old Direction

   After feeling like things could never get better after a very hard weekend an old friend told me to re think to a time that was amazing for me. Not because of the people or the things I had at the time but just a time that I truly felt amazing and happy.

   When I did this I remembered back to the time when I was exploring the bible and reading it word for word and truly grasping everything that is in it.

   With that I decided what better way to make myself feel better and get back to that happy place than re visit the good book from front to back! Along with that I will be doing many segments on a book by an amazing lady Candace Cameron Bure (DJ Tanner from Full House) called Balancing It All: My Struggle of Balancing Priorities and Purpose.

   I decided on this book because this amazing woman is not only a woman of God but one who does it proudly in the media and stands up for her beliefs constantly while still being able to manage a home, family and intimate time with her husband. She has been one that I look up to for many years and I look forward to reading her book and exploring new heights within myself!

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